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Why the switch to Essential Path, from Sustainable Path?

Seven years ago, I started writing about the state of sustainability in my blog, Sustainable Path. Many of you read my posts where I shared my own journey of self-discovery and my commitment and investment in changing the way I interacted with the world.

I wrote about macro issues (climate change and degradation of natural resources) and my personal investments, and career goals to impact sustainability at scale. I shared with you how I, and my family, made modifications to our lifestyle and choices to positively impact the planet.

Given the state of the world today, the Sustainable Path blog is now migrating to the Essential Path. The sustainable path while desired and achieves an ideal we all seek, has now taken on a new sense of urgency and importance: Our attention to this topic is essential; If we do not make the necessary changes to how we utilize our core and fundamental resources, the consequences are significant.

If you read the constant barrage of articles about our water security, the oceans’ acidity and heat, our land desertification, energy evolution, waste management practices, and degraded agriculture systems you can see how they are all tied to climate change and the impacts we will feel soon. It is clear we must act, and act fast.

Essential is also what these resources are, because without them we do not exist. Managing these resources is essential. What’s more is that many of the solutions for the issues we are facing can be financed profitably. This is where it gets exciting!

In this new blog, I hope to point out all the places in this new world paradigm we can notice the changes and apply ourselves to making a significant difference. Many of our biggest challenges can, in fact, be solved but first we must recognize the issue and identify the opportunity to create a solution.

Essential Path will be an opportunity to share and collaborate to create ideas of the future that can solve some big challenges. I welcome your input, thoughts and opinions as we elevate this conversation to the importance it deserves.

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