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NOT an April Fool’s Joke

NOT An April Fool’s Joke

This is not a joke: 50 years of trying to put protections in place for the safety and security of the general population is being destroyed. These safeties are to remedy decades in which we have knowingly --  and unknowingly…



It was more than ten years ago that Bill Maher said scientists blew it by using the name, “Global Warming.” It sounded too cozy. He suggested “Climatica.” This name, he said, gets people’s attention. It has the potential to stick and…

To Waste or Not To Waste

To Waste Or Not To Waste

How is it that nature never seems to waste a thing? Anything and everything nature creates lives, dies and is reborn as another thing. It is the nature of things. People, on the other hand, seem to think we can…

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