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Grab a fork … or don’t

Grab A Fork … Or Don’t

Do you trust your food and how should you eat it?  If you read today’s news, you realize not all food is created equal. In fact, much of today’s industrial food production is focused on engineering food for you to like,…

Organic Falsely Under Attack!

Organic Falsely Under Attack!

It is sad to read a headline that casts doubt over an entire industry, Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce. It is so very misleading and eschewed. The study is really more of a synopsis…

Eat Healthy and Save the Earth

Reposted Most of the food we eat is processed food, and derived from our GMO corn and soy based agriculture system.  Most of the vegetables and fruit we eat are chemically fertilized and heavily "pesticized" to the point not only…

Farming is an entrepreneurial business.

Farming is the epitome of entrepreneurship. It is not easy work. It is a business that first requires an understanding what the market wants: How much does the market need, what can you sell and to whom?  Then you have…

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