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Eat Healthy and Save the Earth


Most of the food we eat is processed food, and derived from our GMO corn and soy based agriculture system.  Most of the vegetables and fruit we eat are chemically fertilized and heavily “pesticized” to the point not only lacking the a lot of the nutritional value but almost out right unhealthy to eat.  Most of the meat we eat is from cows, pigs or chickens that have be kept in unsanitary, unsightly pens and given the grain from GMO crops laced hormones and antibiotics to grow quicker and fatter  and not die from the nasty conditions they are living in.  They are only slaughtered before they would have gotten sick and died from their plight.

So how do we expect to be healthy when we eat sick plants and animals?

The environmental damage is real. Soil is disappearing fast; it erodes quickly with this style of farming. The chemicals we feed it, kill the soil. The more we use these techniques the more we need to. The run off of fertilizer and pesticides kill water ways, lakes, gulfs  and potentially aquifers.  The plowing and tilling releases yet more carbon into the atmosphere.  The feed lot systems for the animals do the same.  It is all done in the name of efficiency and cost.  The food factory we have created is killing our health and the earth’s as well.

So eat Organic even better eat bio-dyanmic.  The soil heals and has a chance to be sustainably cared for.  Eat grass fed beef,  organically fed pigs, organic free range chickens fed natural sources of food.  Drink organic milk or even raw milk,  all which are better for you and the animals.

There is a lot to learn about scaling this type of production but it can be done and it is the best chance we have to stop the health crisis and heal the earth.

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