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About Roland


Roland Van der Meer
Ultra Capital

I am passionate about finding scalable solutions to problems that we face as a society. In my earlier venture career, it was in communications: wireline, fiber, and wireless infrastructure. For the past decade, my focus has been the environment, because without this beautifully operating planet we won’t have much else to worry about.

Today, I am building Ultra Capital, the culmination of almost ten years of research and investing in resources that matter. Previously, I helped fund and build Biological Capital, a firm creating amazing sustainable development projects incorporating agriculture, water, waste and real estate. I also invested in Equilibrium Capital and helped create their models and the Agricultural product and team, and the Waste Water Fund and team. Equilibrium Capital is nicely building a platform for vertical fund management focused in core sectors.

Who is Ultra Capital?

Along with 20 others, I created Ultra Capital to accelerate the flow of capital to resources that matter. We have the technology and knowledge to build solutions to most of the challenges we face on the planet. We also realized that in the past decade that the economics had shifted. The value of the underlying resources or services has increased to a point where investors can now make as good or better returns than the markets in general.

Why Ultra Capital?

Two years ago, I realized I had completed the work I set out to do at both previous firms (Biological Capital and Equilibrium Capital) and the need was pressing for a more scalable solution. The market needed a solution that could deliver a product that institutional investors could go big into these sectors with predictable the cash flows, packaged it in a structured well-managed vehicle. With my team, we saw a way to enable hundreds of developers to do projects, not just a few. We would deliver a solution for them that didn’t just leverage capital, but solutions to help accelerate their businesses. That is the challenge Ultra Capital is solving.

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