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Why Essential Path?

For many years, I blogged here under the URL, “Sustainable Path,” to present important topics and ideas. The content became rich and vital and many of you engaged often. Since then, the world feels ready and understands that we have precious resources, and we must manage them the best we know how. It is no longer a sustainable path but an essential one.

As long as I can remember I have been passionate about finding scalable solutions to problems that we face as a society. For the past decade, my focus has been the environment because without this beautifully operating planet, we won’t have much else to worry about.

This blog is a lens into many issues, challenges, and solutions that I see on a daily basis and which concern me greatly. Here, I will explore the possibilities and solicit others’ view as well. I believe that the best way to create change is to present an idea and let others add, take away, or introduce one of their own.

I also believe that other world issues such as education, healthcare, and other societal areas are ostensibly broken. Through my work, I believe we are creating a structure and organizational format with a financial product approach that can be used in other areas.

I will be happy to share these ideas and perspectives in this blog. There are valuable lessons from the experienced board and investment committee members and advisors I am fortunate to work with at Ultra Capital. Together, we are identifying and creating solutions.

Given the state of the world, the Sustainable Path blog is now the Essential Path. The path is essential because the time is now. If we do not do what is necessary with our core and fundamental resources, the consequences may not be recoverable. It is clear we must act, and act fast.

Essential Path is an opportunity to share and collaborate to create ideas of the future that can solve some big challenges.

Essential is what these resources are because without them, we do not exist. Managing them well is essential.

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