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Roland Van Der Meer

China leads forest preservation!

Again, it’s no surprise China helps lead the way to a more sustainable future. We all criticize the country for all the harm they are causing their environment and, in turn, the world. However, they are the leader in solar deployment, wind deployment and now in sustainable forest payments, a market created to invest in and save many critical resources. This is a slowly developing market that is bound to take off at some point in the future, when we realize this is what matters.  
Despite China’s obvious leadership in this area, it’s urban environments are almost unlivable: The air is full of toxins, the water contaminated and the food suspect. China does care about its people and is moving swiftly to fix the horrific issues caused by years of 10% annual growth, at the expense of all else. They are investing heavily to address and ameliorate the devastating environmental effects. Growing and repairing as they go. The race is on.
Meanwhile, their economic might and ability to focus and address the issues at hand will land them in the driver seat of many sustainable technologies and approaches. Just give them time. 

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