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Roland Van Der Meer Sustainability Mindfulness

Sustainability = Mindfulness

I often find myself wondering how this world going to thrive.  I believe it will thrive when we, as individuals, tune in and turn on to what is possible by being our best selves.  To be sustainable as human beings means becoming more aware of who we are, and mindful of what physical state we are in.

Achieving mindfulness is more difficult than it sounds.  But, with a little practice, it is attainable and can be transformative.  Personally, I try to meditate for 20 minutes every morning.  I find this practice sets up my day for success.  The act of quieting down my mind allows me to focus on later tasks in the moment.  Being mindful is a constant process of maintaining awareness of the present moment.

The other often used expression is being “in flow:” A state of effortlessly moving through the work at hand. Whether in sports, or work, or any other activity, being in flow is a very deep and present state of being.  In these moments, one can lose track of time and space, but remain focused – keeping it all working.  Again, the practice is simple in theory, but sometimes hard to do.  Once you begin, you’ll come to understand that the intention is all you need.  There is no right or wrong.  Breath, and focus, and when you find your mind wander just bring it back.  A very mindful colleague of mine once said, “it’s like teaching a puppy to stay. You just have to bring him back and do it again, until he spends more and more time sitting.” 

Meditation, mindfulness and being in flow are all part of the spectrum. Enjoy your own self-discovery.

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