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We Are Like a Society of Ants!

We are not alone.  We dominate this earth as use it to its fullest and then some.  We think we are supreme, but we are competing if you will with another dominate species.  In a very fun and fantastic article by Tom Juno,  “Invasion”, he details how amazing the ant world is.

“Ants have answered the ever-expanding human biomass with an ever-expanding mass of there own, so that the planet is poised, teetering  between its two most successful civilizations-each of which is social, aggressive, expansionist, and well suited for war. ”

Unlike Man, and ant is dumb, very dumb, but collectively, they can accomplish anything.   Juno sites  E.O. Wilson’s book  “The Superorganism” ,  and how ants over communicate and create a collective intelligence.  This allows them to allocate tasks and jobs to each member of a colony,  find food, create new nests,  build bridges over water and other obstacles, and conquer enemies.  but most importantly is that every ant will sacrifice its own needs or safety for the benefit of the colony. They are truly amazing.

The smartest species, mankind has not done much better then the ants,  While ants have a beautiful system of organization to thrive they also do not limit themselves and run the risk of resource over use and kill themselves off in area.  We are not doing much better.  Are we bound for a similar fate or can we use our intelligence to limit our expansion.   Intelligence is key, the ability to look ahead and understand the consequences;  But will we be willing to sacrifice our own person aspirations for the benefit of the success of our society of humans?

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