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A Model for Profiting from the Land

How do you build a sustainable, profitable land development company.   It almost sounds counter intuitive, but it is not.  If you can harness the land for all its potential layered revenue streams, and do so in an additive, regenerative, or restorative way, then you have capability of creating a long term asset that can profit and last for many generations to come.

Those revenue streams from any large tract of land are numerous, but also distinctly defined by the geography and the land itself.  Each large landscape is unique.  The potential revenue sources can come from energy (wind, water, sun, biomass, geothermal); timber, agriculture, water, carbon credits, eco-tourism, Bio diversity,  and sustainable real estate development.   But this not all that is needed.  It is the practice how you systemically deploy each of these practices sustainably, layer on the  potential revenue streams, and engage the community with the land.  This is more important than each individual revenue opportunity.   Taking a holistic and systematic approach to integrating all the different ideas is essential to the success of the sustainability and profit of the land.

BioLogical Capital is creating a new model for large landscape development in the most profitable and sustainable fashion.  It is firms like this that will lead the way to a better future for people integrating with the land.  We need to develop business models of scale that show the way to sustainable living profitably.

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