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Thanksgiving Reflection

This past Thanksgiving offered us a few days to reflect on what we have to be grateful for and to realize it is wonderful that we can celebrate the people we value in our lives. We are truly blessed.

It is also a day and long weekend to think about what we are doing with our lives and our work. Are we truly aligned with a higher purpose and goal that resonates within us?  Are we working toward something that matters to us, and that we have a passion to do? For when this is true, work on longer is work, it is part of us.  And if we live honestly in ourselves and and know that we are doing the right thing or the best we can do in that moment, then all is good. Because it feels as if life is flowing wonderfully and seamlessly. We can truly be in the zone.

For some of us, we have had a calling for years, for others a new one seems to resonate, and others are still searching for something that feels right. I just listened to and read something very powerful this morning and wanted to share with all of you:

I was listening to some of Tony Robbins work and he said that, “Creating a business is a spiritual game. How do I take the invisible and turn it into the visible? How do I take the what I envision and create a way that it becomes reality? How do I create something and grow it? It is all done with thought, heart, actions, and with other people. Creating a business brings something to life that hasn’t existed before. What could be more spiritual than that?”

Then I read a section from a new business book that blew me away:

“A spiritual understanding, not practiced under fire, is without value,” I Ching.

So, when it gets hard and doesn’t go the way we thought it might, we can realize that this to is a path to grow and learn from.

I Ching teaches us that, everything in the Universe is neutral, until we assign our interpretation and give meaning to it. How often have you experienced something that seems bad at the time but turns out to have been the greatest catalyst of positive change? When we suspend judgment about an individual event or situation and allow its role in the bigger picture to unfold without attachment to the outcome, we support the manifestation of a higher plan for ourselves and for the greater good. We only suffer, when we resist what is.

We are lucky to have so much to learn in the creation of our lives and of our work! Every day is a new day to be curious and learn something new about a person, some people, an idea, a pattern, something that emerges that intrigues us, tests us, and make our life more interesting. Isn’t Thanksgiving wonderful!

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