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Recognizing the Changes We Need to Make

Whether we like it or not the world continually changes.  It is never standing still and we continually have to learn to adjust.   Our planet is an island and we have reached, or maybe even over reached, its limits.  Even with all its beauty and vastness it is still finite, and the changes we will see in the coming decades may be severe.  Not just in the climate, but in the way we live as we begin to recognize its resources are running low. The commodities we took for granted will begin to be valued dearly.

A very important piece by Jeremy Grantham, “Time to wake up”, was summarized well here.  This research dives into the value of commodities and how the pricing will now begin a climbing ascent into the future.  It is well thought out and documented and probably as succinct as I have seen.  It is alarming for investors and mankind to read through and begin to understand the trends that have been set in motion.

If you really would like to scare yourself, an Article this week in the Times on Grantham, clearly walks through the scenarios that are pending.  It is not for the faint of heart.  We have a lot of work to do and need to put our economic and political efforts in motion to stop the draining of precious resources and start investing in their proper care.  This is probably the biggest opportunity for investors in the century.

So lets pay attention and start to treat our earthly assets with the value and care they deserve.

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