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Putting the Organic Back Into Organic

“It is about time that we have standards for organic and sustainable farming that actually mean something.” has been a cry heard throughout the nation.  Well as a response to the claim that the federal label “Organic” has been hijacked or if not significantly diluted by big commercial interests to meet a very basic set of requirements; the new administration as at last responded.

This is a first step, is big and if the momentum continues we could have some real teeth into how agricultural products and livestock are produced and sold.  The solution to sustainable production that is good for the environment and healthy to eat is very complex.  Documented by Food Inc. and other documentaries and papers, we have a very entrenched system that was developed for good reason. To solve the equation of being feeding a growing population cheaply.  That has been accomplished.  What we failed to see is what the consequences were going to be.

We will need to great the awareness and the willingness to act and change our behavior.  Our health is at stake, but we don’t recognize it until it is self evident.  Some have suggested that diabetes and High Fructose Corn Syrup could be the next Tobacco scandal and lawsuit.  I don’t think this is the case.  Although the costs of the consequences are going to be much higher.

We Have a long road ahead to bring solutions into this space and many creative minds will be put to task.

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