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2018 01 17 (4)

Environment Dominates the Top Ten

Environmental issues lead in the top ten world economic forum global threats. Never before has weather and climate-related events topped the list of any world issues before this decade.  In terms of impact, 6 out of the top 10 issues are climate-related — from water and food crisis to extreme weather and natural disasters. And, the likelihood of significant occurrences of environmental issues is a whopping 4 out of 10 for these events.

The world is clearly belching out a horrific punch to humanity. We can’t control this, or dominate it, but we definitely have influenced this process. At a minimum, we can say we have overgrown environmental issues and put ourselves in harm’s way. But if you look carefully we have done much more by stripping topsoil with industrial Ag approach, bled toxins and chemicals into our watersheds, rivers and oceans, and kicked out tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  

The New Paradigm

The world will adapt to us… but can we adapt to it? The rate of change is so great that we are seeing one of the largest extinctions of species in this planet’s history. And, we might just become part of that extinction! At this point, we need to change, and quickly. The planet can’t sustain the amount of population we have living to the standard that the U.S. has become accustomed to.

A dramatic shift is needed. It’s time we live in synchronicity with nature: We need to repurpose all we use. We need to grow food in scale not by traditional farming but new indoor controlled environments with recycled water and energy. We need to see that every product has a circular life cycle. This is the new paradigm.

We do have the solutions, we do have the means.  So, let’s get busy fixing this wonderful place we call “home.”

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